The Cellar

Each bottle’s story is set in motion at harvest time, like the first chapter in the long cycle of champagne production.

More than simply a symbol of excellence, our traditional wine press is certainly “the place to be” at this time of year, where work, pleasure and satisfaction come together. Surrounded by beautiful bottles, the atmosphere is wonderful, with friends, visitors and suppliers sharing a toast and celebrating the creation of a new vintage.

Having the freedom to make our own choices allows us to be creative. At the crucial moment of blending, our choice sometimes focuses on complexity, and other times, on simply expressing the terroir.

Stéphane LUTZ

The diversity of our vineyard is an opportunity, giving us the means to produce a wide range of cuvées.

By choosing to become independent champagne producers, strengthened by our technical autonomy, each step of the production process is very personal, decisive and essential in creating the most unique products, to truly reflect the spirit of our Maison.


While we are fervent lovers of tradition, we are constantly striving to enhance our production methods, to achieve a subtle balance between the age-old techniques of our craft and the need for more modern and efficient approaches…

The Cellar