The Vineyard

The Champagne terroir is a magnificent patchwork, like a multitude of little gardens on the hillsides. The region’s harsher climate, chalky soil, relief and the vine stock all contribute to the unique qualities of each plot. As a result, les Bottes, Martinières, la Durpaine, Grands Ruelles, Montabor, les Roualles, and the other locations, each have their own individual stories and character.

Developing and nurturing a vineyard is an exciting challenge every day.
With the seasons playing a big part, each harvest is a real gamble.

Thierry LUTZ

Fully aware that we are the guardians of this harsh and vulnerable land, it is our duty to pass on an ever-more beautiful natural environment to future generations.

Faced with a climate that has become increasingly unpredictable over the last few decades, our desire today is to move towards a style of innovative viticulture that is sustainable and respects biodiversity.

Our approach to limiting the use of inputs, optimising recycling, our High Environmental Value certification, as well as keeping beehives in our vineyards are just some examples of our ongoing commitment…

The transition of chardonnay
The precise moment when grapes are ready to be transformed into bubbles...
The Vineyard